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The Cotyledon Hanger

∴ A Burgeoning Will∴ It had always just been there – the sword; simple; the black leaf of its guard furling about a grip of green leather. As long as you can recall it’s hung over the fireplace, above the grey ashes and below… Continue Reading “The Cotyledon Hanger”

The Celyn Spadroon

∴ A Spiky Reception ∴ You feel your way between thorn and flower, grasping for the wooden lattice which must serve as a ladder. With a sudden crack, the wood beneath your left foot gives way, sending you scrabbling for a hold. For one… Continue Reading “The Celyn Spadroon”

The Baneful Walloon

∴ An Expert Companion∴ Pulling your hood closer, you scowl into the driving rain and trudge on, cold water washing through your worn-out boots. You must still be 20 miles from Inverness, and the deluge shows no sign of slowing. Once again you wonder… Continue Reading “The Baneful Walloon”