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The Sustantia Sword

∴ A Heavy Blow ∴ Your father had no love for war. He scolded you and your brothers for playing at knights, and clicked his tongue in disdain when armour-clad mercenaries sloped into the tavern. He once refused to serve a group of youths… Continue Reading “The Sustantia Sword”

The Fleeting Sword

∴ A Fleeting Visit ∴ “Must you go?” you ask as she laces her riding boots. Black ribbon pulls tight against calloused fingers as she shapes the graceful loops. Sunlight sits dappled on dark hair, cast in many hues by leaves about the latticed… Continue Reading “The Fleeting Sword”

The Hiberi Sword

∴ An Enlightening Entanglement ∴ With a sigh you sink down on the bank of the Ebro. It is late in the day, and shadows are settling in the green-velvet folds of the hills across the water. The air is sweet with fermenting reeds,… Continue Reading “The Hiberi Sword”

The Drakamor Sidesword

∴ A Draconic Manoeuvre ∴ “Repel boarders,” you bellow, the command almost lost in the spume. Those men nearest you catch the message above the din of cannon and crashing waves, and relay it down the length of the deck. By this point, there… Continue Reading “The Drakamor Sidesword”

Of Cutting and Camaraderie

∴ A Joyful Return ∴ As with many fencers, we felt the lack of events deeply over 2020 and 2021. Crossing festivals off the calendar began to take its toll, and those regular reminders of our wider community left a sword-shaped hole. So it… Continue Reading “Of Cutting and Camaraderie”